Security Of Data

Things you should be aware of

Trixi ERP is an effective and efficient solution that is different from all of the other solutions in the market. We care so much about the security of information, and we understand that data is a valuable asset that needs to be protected at any cost.

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We use the latest security encryption methods from Microsoft. No more worrying about hacking

Private Servers

Trixi ERP can be installed at your own dedicated server to protect company data


Trixi company will not be able to access your info on your private server.

Maximum Layers of Security

We have added many layers of security to our system through hiring one of the best Cyber Security Firms in the U.S to encrypt the data that’s coming in and out of the ERP.

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Quick Look on Some of the Features

Here’s what you need to know.
  • System will be accessed only by designated IP addresses
  • AI tech has been built-in to monitor health of the system
  • Anti-viruses and malware maximum protection tools.
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It is everything you need, all wrapped up in one simple solution.

Additional Features

Score System

Our Score system enables management to have a clearer look at what’s going on within their companies.


Trixi will take the initiative to terminate the employees with the lowest performance. Hand-free management.

High Monitoring

Unlike everything else out there, This is your 24/7 365 solution that keeps an eye on your business without a single glitch.

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