Trixi ERP is a solution that every small & mid-sized company must start using today.

Trixi ERP was made to enable companies to increase productivity, reduce costs, manage staff & resources better and to manage expenses in a smarter way.


User Experience

We have invested so much in research to make sure that our solution is user-friendly. Because we understand how complicated systems are. So we kept it simple and effective.


Stunning Creative Design

We understand the power of colors and designs. Therefore; we have created a stunning and a creative design along with cheerful colors to make sure users won’t get bored overtime.


Artificial Intelligence

Our Built-in Ai technology monitors users 24/7. If a user underperform, the system will send a notification to this particular user and to inform the management at the same time.


Score System

Management doesn’t need to waste time on monitoring anymore, the score system does this. Every user will have a score record, if the user does his job, he passes the minimum required successfully.

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We have created the most advanced User Management dashboard, the admin will be able to assign variety of roles, starting from management roles to the lowest role in ranking. The admin is able to set the working hours, the starting time of shifts, salaries, IP addresses, related documents and contracts. This admin or the company’s manager will have full access to every single record of the users in the system. Each user will have full personal information listed and emergency contact details.

When it comes to security, we take the highest possible measures to ensure that data is highly protected. Therefore, we have created an internal system that informs the admin and management of any breach of attempts of unauthorized logins. And every access is locked to a designated IP address.

Forms & Application section allows management and salesmen to manage all registrations of the created forms, and that could be landing pages, special pages’ registration, contact us pages and submit tickets pages. Basically all requests will be dumped and processed into this section and then moved to project and pipeline sections.

Each company needs to protect its intellectual property assets. So through this section, you will be able to save and preserve your website, mobile app and other tech tools you use in. Storing the source codes and making it accessible would enable you to always have an easy access of your assets. And if anything wrong goes with your website, you can always re-install your files and make it up and running.

Every user of the system will have his/her email integrated into the dashboard. They can check their emails via this section.

Daily, weekly and Monthly reporting is very important, it allows the company’s management to have a full vision and to diagnose where the issue is. The reporting system of Trixi is very simple and advanced. It is simple to use and advanced to management to be able to see the whole picture.

You do not need to have a biometric finger print device to monitor the attendance of your staff anymore. We have created a built-in solution that allows users to record their attendance by seconds on the system. The feature enables management to monitor breaks, attendance and working hours, and it is only accessible via a designated PC, the user will not be able to attend unless the designated access is accessed, because it is locked by IP & MAC address.

This section has many features within which allows the management to manage projects’ features, details, payments and much more. Once you create a project on this section, you will have a full control of this project, the finances of it and the people that work on it and so as client’s full details.

Each successful company needs to preserve its legal records and contracts and make it easily accessible to the management anytime and anywhere. Thus, this section enables the admin and the authorized users of the system to have access to the company’s legal documents, personnel’s contracts, B2B and B2C records, along with company’s registration documents and much more.

Daily Tasks are very important to the staff, and that where most of the companies fail, because there are no clear tasks, so productivity is very low. Through Tasks, management will be able to set daily tasks that should be completed by the staff on daily basis. And this will increase productivity significantly.

The notification section enables management to send three levels of notifications to system’s users. high, medium and low. These notifications will appear as a pop up once the system gets accessed.

Now you can link your marketing campaign with your system through Trixi, Google Analytics can be connected and all data and metrics will show on one simple location. You can monitor the health, traffic and bounce rate of your website minute by minute.

It is very important to keep companies’ social media accounts and all types of accounts with other platforms and accesses to be secured and at one accessible place. Therefore this vault allows management to always have a proper access to those accounts, passwords and security questions & codes.

As for companies that have and manage apps, here’s a section where downloads, sales and metrics can show, the user will be able to see how many downloads and sales this app got on daily, weekly, monthly and all times period. advanced graphs are integrated as well.

The sales section has many sections within, basically this section would allow management to monitor the closed sales of the company. this section will only show the closed deals that were done per the selected time period.

The To-Do-List section is designated to the users of the system. they can put their daily agenda on it and check them one by one, this to help increasing productivity.

This section will include all the leads and the statuses of clients and also the level of negotiations and follow up. This is basically the CRM of your company where you can manage and assign leads to your teams with a smart distributor where you can assign certain countries and languages to X users and so on.

Users will be able to manage appointments and important evens through the Built-in calendar. Users will get a pop up reminded of an incoming event 24 hours before the event and another reminded before 6 hours.

Every company needs an advanced accounting system to manage payments, incoming and outgoing payments, salaries and other miscellaneous payments, through this section, the accounting department will be able to manage company’s expenses and income through. Each payment will have an upload button to upload receipts that can be a reference.