Frequently Asked Questions

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Trixi ERP is a smart solution that helps companies to achieve and to unleash their true potential, to obtain more sales and manage the company in a smarter, scientific and a modern way.

What differentiates Trixi from all of the other solutions in the market is that it has its own score system that uses Ai-Technology. You no longer need to follow your staff, because the system will be your eyes and ears. If the employee does not achieve the minimum score, the system will warn him/her and then automatically fire them.

You should use this system in order to achieve more sales, manage your company better, and to manage your accounting and resources in an advanced way.

It definitely will boost company’s performance. Because what kills or slows company’s performance is that some of the employees do not have their time filled right, and they tend to waste time, but not anymore.

Yes, we do. Our experts can train you and your staff online to use this solution. You literally need less than an hour to understand the whole system and how it works.

Yes, it does have an accounting system where you can even upload the receipts. Accounting is easy now with Trixi.

We so far have over 12 companies using this solution in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

Trixi has been made to support most of the businesses. If you are a startup, small or mid-sized company, then you need Trixi. Because every company needs sales, and with Trixi, you can manage sales much easier than ever before.

We take security very seriously. Trixi uses three servers. We have the main server and we have the Back-Up server and we have the Disaster Recovery server.

The system currently is only in English. But we will have other languages installed in the sooner future.

We have been working on this solution for over a year. The system has passed all tests by experts and fully approved.

Yes, you can only host the solution on your own private server only when you purchase the 6-months plan or the annual plan.

We have hired one of the best Cyber Security firms in the United States to manage and monitor our security. So do not worry, you are absolutely are in safe hands.

Yes, it is possible. We help our clients to have the best system possible. We do not only do customization, we help them structuring it the right and most feasible way.

The difference is simple, on the monthly plan you pay $500 per month, and it’s billed monthly, while the annual plan, you get to pay only $5,000 and you get a 20% discount.

Since every new license needs too much work to be installed and customized, then we charge a small amount of fees to cover this cost. While we wave the fees on the annual plan.

If you are buying the monthly plan, you get billed by the 28th of each month.

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible. Because we pay for working hours and servers.

We charge per license. If you company has 5 or a 100 employees, the price is the same for both.